The project  Overview

Oliver Boreal was engaged by Morris Environmental to over see the civil operation inc:

Site Engineering, Tender & Estimation, Cost valuation, Documentation control, Material & plant coordination, Site Health & Safety.

The project

The site, a disused railway siding was purchased by Morbaine developments.As part of the railway network the ground was saturated with hydrocarbons & other contaminates.  The end use for the project was housing, so it was critical that the works were undertaken to the highest standard.June 2004 works commenced on the land reclamation scheme under the guidance of DTR Rayburn  & MJM Consulting Engineers.During the 17 weeks on site an estimated 15,000Mwas selected and re-graded, with the contaminated material removed. Once the reduce leveling was complete the proposed levels had to be formed using a clean material. 11,000M3 was imported to bring the site unto the correct formation.